We did it. Together, we raised over $200,000. Your support will help us to reach 30 million children this year.


Many more children still need your help.

Although we reached our goal, there are millions of undernourished children worldwide that still need nutrients. You can help us continue delivering Precious Cargo to millions of additional children around the world.

How you can still help save lives


Every donation matters

No matter what size, your donation will help deliver lifesaving and life changing nutrients to children in need.


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See the impact

This is Vilma. She’s 3 years old.

Vilma lives high in the Andes of Peru. Not much food grows here besides potatoes.

A mom carrying her own Precious Cargo.

Women carry precious cargo into Ahero, Kenya. Credit: Bie Bostrom


The world’s best investment

Micronutrient supplementation for undernourished children is an incredibly efficient way to impact worldwide health and prosperity—it has a cost to benefit ratio of 1:17. Learn more >


Reaching the unreachable

We target places most governments aren’t able to, reaching the remaining 30% of undernourished children who are missed with lifesaving and life changing micronutrients. See our work >